Listen the analysis of the artwork

Listen to the accompanying poem of the work

The fourth of the six works in the “Soul” section. This work should be seen in a playful mood, such as when we look at the clouds and try to see images. Everyone will see different things except at some point when you all see the word “PSYCHE”. I think that the Greek word is deeper than the English one and that is why the word SOUL is written in material characters on the sculpture while the word PSYCHE comes out of the gap of materials. With this gap I give depth to the meaning of the Greek word.
The poem that accompanies this work is the following:


What is nothing?
It;s something which leads you to think…
well, think….
What is nothing?
It's something which baffles you….
it upsets you….
it travells you…
It;s the means which will take you to a world where you would not go otherwise.

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