The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

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The lighthouse  

The lighthouse is a symbol for me. It is not the building we see in ports and lost islands in the sea. It is the “light” that leads us. A light that we can’t see with our eyes, but with our soul. It is the inner voice that makes us wonder what we want. And we are the ship that sails lost, sometimes in calm waters and sometimes in storms.  

The work is made by wood, wire, glass and plastic. The colors I choosed are the aqua, blue and white refer to the sea, the waves and the white sails.  


The lighthouse  

Did you see the light that leads you? 

It shows you where there is earth … 

This light is not a light 

It is a guide 

 It is the hope that cries out 

It commands you to change course 

Because the course 

It’s not straight 

In the storm 

It’s not a flashing light 

It’s not a tall building 

It is a symbol 

Gives strength 

For the dream 

So, the lighthouse is a light 

And he is a wise teacher 

The light gave birth to us 

We will reach the light 

But the question is how? 

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