QRpainting – The Beginning of the End and the End of the Beginning

QRpainting – The Beginning of the End and the End of the Beginning

Listen the analysis of the artwork by the voice of Sofia Hatzoglou

Analysis of the artwork

Whatever begins has an ending too. Or maybe it does not. Should we perceive each ending as a new beginning? In this work the obvious is the beginning and the end of life. However, it does not focus on life but on the beginning and end of situations in general. If we look carefully we will notice that the end (the old man who reaches a wall-finish line) is on the left side. On the left side we usually acknowledge the beginning (we read from left to right, the numbers on a ruler or in graphs start from the left). In this work the end has taken the position of the beginning to express the idea that we can consider the end as a new beginning (we look, that is, at what begins and not at what ends). The wall that the old man reaches is at such a height, that if a man tries (if he stretches) he will be able to see behind the wall …..see future situations, prepare accordingly or choose….It symbolizes the effort we must put to see the immediate or distant future so that we do not function having only “the present” in mind. In every stage of our lives we need support. Therefore, the embryo is fed through the umbilical cord whereas the old man is supported by the cane in order to walk. The lifted foot of the old man, as well as his posture, show that he is determined to take a step so as to move to the next situation.

So, if we are positive we can see the beginning in both shadows. If we are negative we can see the end. Way of life…

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