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The first of the six sculptures of the “soul” unit. It was made in 2015. The section discusses the course of the soul, as I, myself, approached this course. I believe that the creation of the concept of the soul is identical with the moment of conception. So in the shadow of the project, one can see the egg with the sperm. On the lower right side of the shadow you can see people kissing (in case you don’t see them try to focus on the shadow and not on the bright shape that looks like a candle with a flame). On the lower left side, what may seem like a fount to you is actually the profiles of a man’s and a woman’s faces at the time of sexual intercourse (focusing again on the shadow). In the upper left corner, a pregnant woman with her legs open at the time of birth. On the whole, we see the relationship, the contact, the fertilization and the birth and the “liberation” of the soul, which is now ready to go its own way.
On all the sculptures of this section you can see butterflies (symbol of the soul from the ancient times) and a dot in the shadows (I also symbolize the soul with this dot). So in this section, there are many souls

The beginning…
a spark comes out of nothing…
two souls and love are required…
The attraction…..
the movement….
the senses…
you touch… ( touch)
you kiss ( taste)
you smell ( smell)
you see ( sight)
you listen (hearing)
all of them
Does love make the soul or does the soul make the love?

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